A Homemade Valentines Day

I actually don't have things done for Valentines day yet this year, (We have been busy!) but I thought I would repost some of my ideas from last year.

The first picture shows a card that I made for Ken as well as a candy box that I recycled and filled with candy.

I also made Valentine packages for the kids. The present was a very inexpensive little treat and then I had lots of fun making heart shaped animal cards for them. For the cards I used all sorts of paper from Junkmail that we had received.

We had decorated all over with hearts and I pulled out a red and white tablecloth to make things more festive.  This year I am hoping to do something like this hearts with verses garland.

This is a closer picture of our hearts and snowflakes last year. We had fun using pictures from seed catologs to help make them pretty.

 For Valentines breakfast last year we had heart shaped pancakes and chokecherry syrup. This year I am thinking I might do one of those big Perkins style breakfasts as that is what Ken really enjoys. You know, pancakes, omelet, hashbrowns and fruit. Or maybe slightly sweetened biscuits with strawberries and whip cream and a big omelet. We shall see. What do you think you will have?

Last year I made a heart shaped cheesecake for my sweetheart as well. We drizzled raspberry sauce over top.

 Do you have any big plans for Valentines Day? I would love to hear any homemade ones especially!

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