Rubber Cement Looking Discharge


Boiler low temperature - NIAGARA C 25 FF cup horizontally.

- reserve 40 l with two balls in 316L series.
- Balloons stratification: advantage of an accumulation of hot water and instant production.
- Permanent availability of hot water even when the supply of hot water is exhausted.
- Optimization of power through a continuous modulation of flow of the primary pump.
- Managing components easier: domestic provision common to the range Chaffoteaux.
- Commissioning easier: automatic purge feature and combustion control for direct access.
- Easy maintenance: all the components available from the front.
card - Integrated e-Bus series: equipped for modulating control / climate wired or radio controlled.
- Expansion of integrated health 2 liters.

Net Price HT installer Exceptional:
1100 euros

* excluding additional options and stock on hand only.