Celebrations with Creativity instead of Cost

Before Valentines Day this year I was pretty busy and felt a little worn out. So I didn't really get anything done in the way of decorating. I had decided not to worry about it as it didn't seem like it was essential but I found out the kids didn't quite feel that way. So the night before I pushed myself to make some special things (Cheese cake, blueberry muffins, cards and little treats) and then the morning of I just quickly looked around at what I had to do some super fast decorating.

     I pulled out some pretty shiny pink fabric and then some silver netting which I put together to make a tablecloth. Then I added some pink tulips that were leftover from the Bridal Fair. Megan decided we also needed the pink Hyacinths on the table. I also grabbed my heart shape tins and a heart shaped basket (which I added a pink ribbon to) and added them to the table.

   It was very quick but it changed the look of our dining room which made the kids happy and even Ken commited on how pretty the table looked. I was happy too because I didn't have to go  buy anything or spend to much time and it still looked like we were celebrating!

This kids got into the act too. Aaron hung up a little wreath he had made at the library and cut out some more hearts to hang up as well. Jonathan cut out some red hearts which he added to the table top. Mara had worked hard the evening before to make little surprises to put on everyone's plates and also made hearts to hang up.
Megan got in the action too and decided she needed to make Valentines to put on everyone's plates too.

   This sort of thing always make me realize how much fun and celebration we can have with out costing anything at all. A special event can be made from Creativity instead of money.

This doesn't just work for Valentines day. It can work for birthday parties, weddings, Christmas and any other sort of party that you desire to have. You can't always throw a party with no cost at all but you can certianly use a lot less money if you use some creativity too!

There is a wedding blog {Ruffled}  I have been having a ton of fun reading lately that features a lot of vintage and DIY weddings. There have been some really cool ideas. The ideas make you realize how much you can do using things you already have on hand. Also how cool it can be to buy dresses and other things second hand.

Here are some other ideas I have come across that call for some creativity but could cost very little and you could still have a very fun celebration!
  • Have a nature theme. There are so many things that can be had if you are just willing to go out and pick them up. It depends on where you live to what is most available but here are some ideas: pinecones, shells, rocks, grasses, twigs, sweet gum balls, mistle toe,birch bark, cattails, wildflowers,  "weeds" and so much more! God has made so many beautiful things and so many of them are in abundance!
  • A recycling theme. This one is rather fun.
  • When you are decorating for any event simply chose your colors and then go through your house and see what you have in those colors. You might be surprised what you come up with to decorate with. It is fun to use your creativity in that way.
  • Have a destination theme. Chose a place, decorate with old maps and atlases. Check out books from the library or look on the internet for ideas for the menu, games and decorations. If you look hard you can probably find a lot of things that can be made yourself from stuff you have on hand.
  • A circus party can be made using lots of stuffed animals, some old clothes, lots of popcorn (cheap!), some ballons and a bunch of kids having fun doing "tricks".
  • For Mother's or Father's day think about what those people enjoy most and decorate and cook accordingly. A lot of times an expensive budget is simply not needed!
  • Tea Parties are lovely events to use what pretty things you have on hand. Check out this sweet one my sister had with my kids.
  • Have your event outdoors using Christmas lights and whatever else seems fun to you. It can be quite fun! Check out my sister's birthday party.