Fabric covered "Vases"

Whew! Life has been busy lately! It seems like I have hardly been on here at all. I actually have done a lot of posts in February but most of them have been short and I prescheduled quite a few so actually I haven't been on here real regularly. February has been a quite busy one with my business so I have been busy with "projects". This month I have weddings, bridal shows (well actually one of them was the last day in Jan.), consultations and then putting together quotes. Of course there is still all the normal responsibilities as homemaker, wife, mother and homeschooler. I have been busy with politics this month too as we get ready for a busy summer getting ready for the elections this fall. At church we are busy with getting ready for a Retreat in a little less than a month and I am currently teaching Wednesday night class. And then on top of that I have to admit our family is rather Winter Olympics Junkies! :-) Normally the kids and I watch no TV but lately.... well our evenings have often found us in the family room cheering on the Americans or whoever we think really deserves to win. The kids are trying to figure out just what sport they want to be good at so that they can go to the olympics someday. I am of course encouraging the safe ones which seem to be rather few! Anyway all that to say that someday (maybe next month) I will probably start posting more about projects and stuff again!

  But I will share a quick project that I put together last week:

I used some tin cans and some pretty fabric scraps (given to me by my lovely niece Margaret). In some of my Wedding flower magazines I had seen some cool fabric covered vases that makes a simple but fun look for the center of a table.
It was pretty easy to recreate! I just cut the fabric to size, used hot glue to make it stay when I wrapped it around and then I folded some to the inside on top and glued it there and then I glued the excess fabric underneath on the bottom as well.

Very fast and easy! I think it looks sweet too!   AND... It recycles and was totally free!

Do you have any cool ways you use tins cans? Someday soon I am hoping to write a whole post on things you can make or do with tin cans. I would love to hear your ideas! If you have posted about it, please leave a link because when I write the list I plan on linking to posts that explain how to do it or at least have pictures.

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