Pillow Talk

There have been some request so I've decided to make some pillows. Actually make them. From scratch. So I went around looking for kekabu (the fluffy off-white thing in the plastic bag) and bought some 'kain belacu' (the off-white fabric usually used to line a pillow). Found them both and started work.

Sewed the pillow cases up and started filling them with the kekabu. Didn't want them too big or too small, so I made them suitable for newborn (soft and just nice) unless there are requests for bigger ones.

Now for the pillow covers - Nice & bright! These are just a few to start off with.

All these pillows have their quilts to go along with, if anyone so wants :-)

And of course, I made 2 pillow covers for my girls - Maya chose the blue & green stripes and Sara the Colourful Animals. Their pillows are from MAS (Malaysian Airlines) by the way. LOL!