Christmas Day Recap

So, after our fun trip to Pennsylvania, it was time to get ready for Santa.

The kids got everything ready for his arrival.... Cookies and milk for Santa, Cheerios for the reindeer, carrot for Rudolf, and Charlotte added a bonus candy cane and note for Santa.

I think he must have liked the cookies since he left behind a couch full of presents!

I love how excited Charlotte was to watch Evan open his presents.

Charlotte's favorite gift from Santa was a unicorn Pillow Pet. She knows that infomercial by heart. She told me, "It's machine washable, Mama." I'm not sure she knows what that means but it was darn cute.

She's slept with it every night since.

Evan got lots and lots and lots of trucks, cars, and tractors. There's hardly a non-blurry picture of him from that day because he had lots of driving to do.

Nana and Grandpa came over around 11:00 and there were more presents to open!

After presents it was time for brunch? lunch? Mom brought eggs from their wonderful flock of chickens. Look at this egg! That yolk at the top of the bowl came from an egg so large that we were sure it was going to be a double yolk egg. When I cracked it open, we were surprised to see it only had one yolk... one VERY large yolk! That poor hen!

I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls, baked bacon, and scrambled eggs. Then the day of relaxing and game playing began.

Mia wondered if the train needed to be "dealt with".

Grandpa is so patient about teaching Charlotte the rules of games. He taught her how to play one of the games Santa brought... Guess Who? I love that game. Katie and I played SO many times as kids.

We set up Mall Madness and Jon got to play for the first time. I'm sure he's wondering how he's lived all these years without having played this most awesome game.

Nana helped Charlotte figure out some of the games on the Discovery laptop that Grammy and Grandpa gave her.

Twister.... Wow, Can I just tell you how much harder this game is as a 32 year old then it was as a kid? Jon, Charlotte, and I played a game or two and my leg muscles were burning!

Charlotte wanted to play a solo game. I bet her legs aren't burning.
I wish I had taken a picture of our dinner. I was too excited to eat it to think of getting the camera. I roasted 2 of the chickens that my sister raised for me. I made gravy, mashed potatoes (with Jon's mad mashing skills), corn, and pumpkin dinner rolls. It was delicious and didn't take much effort since I made the rolls the day before.
I have to say that it was, by far, the best Christmas day Jon and I can remember in long time. It was the perfect balance of good food, relaxing, playing games, and visiting. Can we rewind and do it all over again? Is it Christmas again yet??