Starting Where I Left Off.

People who know me probably ask why in the world would i add blogging to my already exhaustive resume which includes an almost full time mom with full time retail businesses who also heads a full time sewing studio and a part time bike chick while you're at it ( hubs run a bike store part time ). It's as if in my creative nontheless cluttered mind, time is immaterial .

I'm picking up entries where I left off perhaps 20 years ago, in my hard covered diary which amusingly got thrown away when my parents moved house and then found by a bloke who called the number on the front page written so trustingly by 14 year old me . He then threaten to tell my parents juicy contents of the diary (which come to think of it, is nothing juicy really ) Crrrrazy son-of-a-gun. It was then I deducted in my head that  if nowhere private is safe , then anywhere public must be safe to write my thoughts ( this is why i failed Social Behavior 101 in college)

So here i am , blogging. Hoping to share what gets me going on days that i swear i can see dark clouds hover over my head ,why i love doing the things that i do ,why i want every parent to buy my baby sling , and what inspired me to see that roses are really deep velvety red.