My Shop's New Look . Pixie Lights

I want a chandelier in my shop . Period.

In my head I'm seeing a mejestic seven tier masterpiece of shine , shimmer and glimmer ( alamak , quoting Barbie again ) with sparkly crystals cascading down from antique candles reminiscent of the that candle guy in Beauty & the Beast. It will be regal , it will be devastatingly fabulous , it will be all that and mor .

Its not happening.

A quick 10 minutes discussion with Jamsen, my long time electrician turn insurance agent ( but still Mr E for his loyal customers) quickly put out any kind of hope i have of having a mind blowing piece in my shop . " Ceiling you manyak rendahla " " Plaster ceiling tak kuat ooo . nanti jatuh" .

But if there's one thing that I know about myself - I'm persistent. So after scaling down the size ( and my expectations ) , it seems that we can only fit a teeny tiny chandelier piece . And even then , during installation we had to trim the chain short so that it wont bump into my cashier's head . LOL .

But I got my chandelier in the end . And it looks just fine.

My sweet & small chandelier .