How Long Should Tithing Envelopes Be Kept.

Always a bit of our new life.


were all received, the fridge is huge and beautiful, the machine still plugged in, the sofa still wrapped, T______T
But hey, I know not do and the package is too big, I could only ever comes too late and Shuya.
By cons, mega surprise when he saw his annual salary, it increased by a quarter this month and he still blows up his salary, o____0
Cool, but hey, I miss him, I await his return and hoped that 'he will return earlier.
So, not Eve, but good alone sniffouille not funny.
Nevermind I brie, of Neufchatel, ham Parma and even a great cassoulet and a bottle of Sake brand new, I feel that it's going to peter, lol

Iris perfect XD

It is cheap, everything comes from the 100 yen shop but it is beautiful and chocolate, the good AC from France, ^ ^

bed rises, ^ ^

Good Sumire Iris up and down, we'll see if, by the arrival of the futon if there is a change, Iris rash, Sumire not really XD

Iris looks like Romy Schneider, o_______0 the same mug that Romy teen.

my mind that I adore, puree, AC is really worth, on one side and the other was all Takarazuka.

chieur 2 Care Bears, so if it exists, ^ ^

Moreover, they are painful and Disney's DTC, they were too far and the more they will go to the one in Paris soon.
I swear T_______T