My Shop's New Look . Designing Fixtures

Now that I've picked out the wallpaper for the walls , now i need to decide what fixtures i want to keep , throw or order. So I decided that all the wall cabinets get to stay ( also due to budget cutbacks :) and the gondolas remain . But i'm not to fond of the double rack metal clothing rack that displays our baby clothes . So that one's going away.

Last Xmas , our toys fair was nestled between wraught iron pillars in gold and backed with a majestice wrought iron gate. The grandness of the whole visual was stuck in my mind ( i kept on reminding A&P if they ever want to dispose of the gates after xmas to please think of me ) I thought it'll be a lovely idea to design a wraught iron clothing cabinet for the dresses.

This is our 2009 Toys Promotion in conjuction to the Autumn Xmas at CenterCourt. Isnt it pretty.. So i took the wraught iron inspiration and combine it with another inspiration - a wedding cake !


2009 Little Haven Toys Fair Centercourt The Curve

 And tadaaaa.... i came up with the display rack below that I fondly call my Princess Racks. They're powder coated in white for that ethereal feel. Although I must thank my friend Pattrine again , for helping me out with communication. The first few companies i spoke to speak mainly Kantonese , so they all thought i wanted a drying rack or a window grill . So ... thanks Pattrine !

As our customers have knack of ordering things that we do NOT sell in our boutiques , i thought why not share this with them as well . So for anyone interested in having the Little Haven Princess racks in their homes , we can custom order them for you . Each rack is approximately 5' high , 4' wide and sides are about 2'. The middle bar is removable.

I should caution you though , this rack is super heavy ( because its 100 % wraught iron ). So if your kid is the climbing type , i won't recommend it . bahaya oooo...