Mom's Copper Shawl

Let me just say that if I didn't love my mom so much, I would have kept this one for myself. I love this shawl. I knit this shawl for my mom for Christmas. I was given the yarn and my first thought when I looked at the yarn was "this is Mom". I'm not sure what it was... if it was the color or the feel of the yarn, it belonged to my mom the moment I saw it.

I finished this shawl in September. Aren't the trees pretty in their late summer green? It was hard keeping this shawl a secret until Christmas. The yarn is Svale, Dalegarn, in color 2846. It's a great blend of 50% cotton, 40% viscose, 10% silk. It's soft, lightweight, with a great drape to it. I think I used 6 skeins but I didn't keep track.
I loved the pattern. It's the Simple Yarn-Over Shawl . It's a great pattern because it was easy enough for me to knit while watching a movie. I doubled the whole pattern because I wanted a full shawl, not just a shoulder cover. I used size 8 needles.

I used a second yarn on the edges. It has a purple metallic thread with bits of shiny purple, fuzzy orange, and green. I thought it took a pretty shawl and made it really special.
Merry Christmas, Mom!