Do Expired Crest White Strips Work

is not win, will you one XD

But the mood remains as good, okay it's loose, AC sucks serious move again.
Shuya is not Rambo between me and my leg and the fact that I not allowed to wear heavy stuff, there is no help. I
despite all the bobo with Shuya and everywhere. It remains
stuff to lug around, fortunately lots of other stuff arrive via mail.
And yesterday I got my fridge, mashed potatoes and I regret it because it is fucking beautiful ^ ^

Sumire had new boots and she has already seen embossed several times with the tip is already BOUZILLE, T______T

Iris in pajamas Sumire, technical it remains quiet, not easy to run into these bad conditions and this morning I found his, lol
new apartment, there is room and it was already installed table, tv stand and tv and even counting my future office, bah we can dance in the living room, XD

Note pretty fringe of Iris, we say thank you quiiiiiiii? ? Sumire who was working yesterday when we decided to play a hairdresser, fortunately degas are minimal, but fucking hell, she can not stop the bullshit 2sdes because it could hurt his sister.

we go, we dismantled the PC and normally tomorrow, I am again, ^ ^