Womensitting On Mens Chest And Stomach

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Shuya just told me that one picture is in Kyoto, and 2 AC T_____T could be 2 days if not finish first. Course
suissider me breakfast.
is on 23, so probably the 24th, uh, but Saturday, phew, Shuya go,
XD Otherwise I heard that Iris is number 1, a girl number 2 and number 3 Sumire and c is not over for her, they just afraid she smiled properly, but they have the pictures above and it is beautiful and normal mice.
short, Sumire has yet to supplement lost ^_____^ I

gallery on yahoo, Ca T______T
stuff myself. All
rises too much, but hey AC remains valid and yesterday because of this PC crap I missed choups bunk beds, pink and blue. The
, I expect to validate Shuya, Jean-Pierre last word, the girls' beds.
It will be simple but secure, and therefore the worse they will be able to decorate and even when it gets warmer, we can paint it,
^___^ The port is free.
my office, I'll order it, I dunno, I'll see tonight, just to be able to quickly store my bazarre.
And will go for the rest Nittori, chairs, curtains, crockery, bedding etc. We
redeemed everything and turns all the old stuff, ^ ^

I once gained ca ^ ^
My first box and Charlotte in Japan Moreover, apparently hands are different.
So, if there is a collector who is interested, I just want some for my complete charlotte vintage showcase, no need for special or rare, just the basics, dress fits me.

But I am glad she is Choupie Lemon-chan and I had not.
And she looks in good condition.
I've ever had, by cons I remember from the anime and toy strawberry / pastry, that I have too because I played with at a friend AC and these are my memories.

I'll try to have these toys that I miss so much, kiki too, are full and I had this laundry that comes and goes, and besides which refinances tonight, I'll take it I think , lol
This Christmas, no, ^________^

I want to fill my shelves, I have not yet, note in passing.
is not funny to still have to pack, the I'll finally be able to admire my playthings, ^ ^

Cross your fingers for me ^______^

My foot is better, I could crawl to the apartment Friday to clean the school and also because end of the year so we're going to review with the teacher, super, Chuis too impatient, fast rope, XD
Otherwise Shuya has done its job, water, gas and electricity ok, here J.com Fishnet the end of months and tonight he made the request for the new apartment because of the pc pc we have gift vouchers in addition to all the reductions, youpiiiii.

Uh, but he did not care a bit about me not Shuya, 23, is the birthday of the Emperor, so ferie, no.
Good Kyoto ca be by car, ^_____^
Unless he works for is not impossible.

Fuyuyu, ^______^

Machine washing got it, yessssss, fed monitor ca.
I missed my laundry at once, lol
But it is better than what I wanted at the base. I spotted today
page for machines that open commentary France.

The bad, ^ ^

Easy access for all and it is even dry, then I hope. Ca
done remains the fridge, the bread machine as expensive as it cost my machine this thing, and after the steamer sofa if there is a way.

re-edit: on the butt, couch got it too, o___0
was bidding once and at the end and yet there were the people.

Bah, BIN will press for twin beds, ^ ^