Howard C Miller Barwick Model 4878


5 things I wish for Christmas.

I'll take the wishes of the fault, Emi, a Christmas miracle, cure.
But for real.

1 / celebrate Christmas, it's stupid but this year is not my family, we move, the brothel is short and random.
2/Que my girls calm down, XD
3/Avoir 3 wishes my material, my office, Shuya me offer my steamer and my bread maker and it will be for AC in January with the deputy of my grandmother for Christmas birthdays etc.. Yo
4/Une or UNOA but in my dreams, finance at 0, I'm a little desesperette for once but hey I'll take care not to be pitied of those that I already.
5/Et finally be happy with people I love and for this I am not worried, I am surrounded.

I Tagge as usual 'who wants ^____^

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