My Shop's New Look . Behind The Scene .

Its our fifth year running at the Curve and we wanted to treat our regular customers with a brand new look. Upon scrutinizing piles of interior magazines for inspiration , i look no more than my ultmate source of ideas - Barbie movies. Cheesy , i know . But i must admit , there is always something beautiful about having lots of pastels , lots of white , lots of swirls and lots of tiaras in the picture. It just looks , pretty.

So I put together a design board and get started on my color pallette. I collected pictures of things I love , and things that inspires me.


Image (left) from

Now that i've reaffirmed what i've always known , which is i'm a sucker for everything pink , i knew i wanted the shop to keep this same color scheme. Next is to decide what kind of changes i 'd like to make. I wanted the shop to look different , but still keep the crafty vibes in check. Wanted to keep some furniture , but change some too . And definitely change the wall treatment.

So off i went wallpaper hunting with my good friend Pattrine , who is by the way , a brilliant businesswoman. She's the brains behind brands like Spiele & Schenken toys , Tootle Tee and a whole bunch of cool brands . Anyway , back to our hunting trip . Pattrine has some vouchers she received from last year's HomeDec exhibition. So off we went to this wallpaper place and my oh my , do they have wallpaper. Hundreds and hundreds of wallpaper , and some fetches up to over RM400 per roll !

But even after scanning all the designs , nothing caught my eyes. I dont like to overthink designs , i usually know what i like when i see it. A couple of days later , and many more trips to i.d stores, I walked past the Laura Ashley boutique and thought , what the heck, maybe tucked between granny cardigans i may just find something useful. And waddayaknow , i found this -

Perfect! Josette Carnation from Laura Ashley it is then for the walls . Next , fixtures.