Watery Stool In 10 Month Old

Some news from the inside from the outside ^ ^


I post more than usual, lol
Chuis not stingy news unnecessary. So

bulk photos tomorrow in Kyoto, from 13h to 18h, Shuya is desesperette, XD I hope
go after Carrefour because Eion, che more arrested Products Carrefour so I'd like to fill up and buy another jam between my boxes. The

waiting for my step-father and brother, senses come at 14:30, is 15:45, I love the punctuality of this family. Ya
the twin bed was up and, in fact, Shuya has not put the light and will soon be night, lol
So if they come one day foutage of mouth forever, they will put forward.
And there was the pc to the net and wifi, I still squatting connection che not that bad lol
And at a pinch I turn the box on the sofa, I started but it is a little death.
Oh, and there was a washing machine leads connected, XD
is not won with such lazy. By
Radin and cons to drinking, are the people, weird.
The car you fucks deep yen tired of having to serve as a stooge and Chouin for some help.
Yes, I am not Zen, then vis a vis them. Sachiyo

Yesterday, pleasure, helped me in 30mns was lugging so many things that Shuya, XD me top rapidity.
The next trip I carry around my dolls and I shit, na. I want to do
mumuse, ^_______^

Otherwise here it is getting livable, fridge arrives Friday.
Saturday after noon, we will celebrate Christmas here in the morning I clinical, so it's not level. But
Yohko and Sachiyo will help me ^ ^ I
foie gras, cocktail sausages, black pudding West Indians, chocos if the Iris Chow not before, I'll try the Carrefour has Sauterne, Chicken ^ ^
if there forever.
The important thing is to be around and play well.

Some photos from yesterday after noon, rotten.
Otherwise it's nice here and it is pleasant, while the other was cold. Arf
damn, it was still not the Christmas present for Sumire.

The box is ugly row, it was the decos for fir, the sofa will be unpacked tonight, primcipe.

I'm Shuya call to tell him what I think about the punctuality of his family.
Long live the laptop lol
I catch that slab, but aye I found my struts or onglais / all my pages, the more you die cup. And I
the new MSN rebelotte is any different this time in French, lol

And you know what, aye, they are, lol

Arf and damn, it hurts the throat, but ill to swallow, no cough, sore throat, or che not what, I want to.

And I open the invitation, if you want to visit Japan, Vienda, aye I can receive ^_______^
I'm too happy.