Wearable Wonderland

I am hooked on Alice in Wonderland . For the most part I am absolutely loving the wardrobes in the movie . I can see making a spin off girls dress inspired by the red 'curtain' dress the Red Queen made for Alice. Love the tutu ruffles underneath the skirt .

I'm still looking for the black & white jagged stripes fabric like this one.
And probably will get myfriend who owns Tutu Workshop to work on the
red tutu skirting

Costume designer Colleen Atwood's sketches of Alice in Wonderland dresses

Clever interpretation of how Alice's dress looks like after she drank the Pishalver or ate the Upulkutchen. 
Really like this silver blue long tunic top . I can see it worn very casually with jeans . Thinking of
making one of these for myself.  Dusty blue with silver beadings along the neck opening.

Too ghostly for my taste , but aeshetically quirky nonetheless.

i wish i can capture a better image on the neck detailing , but
this is what you get when taking photo of the movie playing on TV
while lying down with a 4 year old in one arm . hmmm

and off with your head !