Everybody Hates Chris Earth Wind And Fire Song

Premiere photo shoot.


Everything went well.
Iris was exemplary, super nice, it supports all without flinching, super good mood, patient.
short. the perfect model and that despite his age and duration as 5 hours to 3 ½ years, must hold.
Besides, we had the echoes and Iris had the right of congratulations and apologies for the time. Super
^____^ It was beautiful, too beautiful.

I'll put pictures rotten, I knew we could not take pictures and I just had my digital everything sucks, so it stinks quality level.
You can click, they are bigger.

In fact this will be for a catalog of Kimono, anxious to have the pamplets, ^ ^
3 tons of photos, sorry.

It really Mino Romy.

Behind the scenery.

kidding It was dead, my smile longer works, it seems. Otherwise
Iris Gate 2 + kimono picture with a boy, so cute.
And the little girl in red kimono and black is Agnes, French-Japanese, mom speaks French very well and is super open, it's the 2nd time I see her and we have not stopped talking, piplettes true, lol