Homemade Biscotti and Salt Dough Ornaments

Last year,for teachers and other special helpers in our lives, we made snowflake shortbread cookies with matching salt dough ornaments. This year we made a variation on that theme.
First, Charlotte helped me make the salt dough. It rolls out really easily and doesn't stick to the counter too badly. I used a biscuit cutter to cut round ornaments and used a straw to poke holes in each one for hanging later. Charlotte added a carrot nose to hers and I kept Evan's plain to let him paint later.

After the ornaments baked and cooled, the kids started painting. We used tempera but acrylic would work great too.

I painted Evan's ornaments white and let them dry. Evan picked out two colors and made his ornaments "pretty".
Charlotte added googly eyes to her snowmen. When the ornaments were dry, I put their names and dates on the back. I sprayed them with a glossy sealer and let them dry fully before adding a hanging ribbon.
The extra ornaments will be Evan and Charlotte's gifts to their aunts, uncles, and grandparents per the tradition my mom started with me and my siblings when we were kids.

While the kids were working on their ornaments, I baked vanilla biscotti and dipped them in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Then I put it all together.
I hope this lets their teachers know just how much they're appreciated.