Fixing up a skirt for Megan

As the year comes to an end (less then one week left!!) I have been thinking about things that I wanted to get done this year- my goals. There are some things that I wanted to accomplish that are still needing quite a bit of work. One of them that I have been working on some the whole year put it still needs a lot of work is my office/craft room. I had wanted to get it all organized, free of clutter and all the old projects done. Some of that has happened but it still needs a lot of work. So I decided I would devote this week to working on my office as much as possible.

 Part of working on my office is getting projects done that I had laying around in there. One of those things that was laying around in my office was this skirt that I wanted to fix up for Megan.
 It was a cute little denim skirt that someone had given us. I liked the style of it except for the length- we don't wear mini skirts around here. So I decided to fix it up.

   Megan and I looked through a bunch of our fabric last night and we finally decided on adding some pink and white check fabric to the skirt. I had thought I would add lace too but there ended up not being enough of the one I liked- so the skirt is without lace, at least for now. I do think eyelet lace would be a cute addition so I might add some later.

 I simply cut a strip of the fabric (I did have to sew two sections together as I was using up fabric scraps) the length that I wanted to add to the skirt. Then I  sewed it so it was in a loop. Then I hemmed the bottom and gathered the top. I pinned the gathered side onto the denim skirt and sewed it in place.
TA-DA! All done. It was so fast and simple and I have a little girl that is delighted with her new skirt.

 Now I am off to patch jeans. It isn't quite as exciting but I find it pretty rewarding too. I love seeing all the pants ready without holes anymore.

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