Fabric : Princess & Fairies

My girls made me watch Tinker Bell movies over and over again I swear I could quote her by now. So despite an entire room of fabrics, I just can't resist and bought these fabrics below. As my husband delicately puts it , I'm on my way of looking like a mini Kamdar in my sewing studio, although I can assure you these fabrics definitely don't come with Kamdar prices. I have a knack of buying fabrics when I see prints that I like , as opposed to preplanning a shopping trip and lure myself to buying something i dont really want.

Tinker Bell by Springs Industries.

Planning to sew a baby set with ruffled pillows and blankie.

Princess Portraits by Tammy DeYoung for General Fabrics Co.
I'm seeing appliques made using cutouts of the princesses but oh well, we'll see. Perhaps a toddler quilt instead of baby's.