Christmas at Grammy and Grandpa's House

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to PA to visit Jon's family.

Here is a panoramic picture of the view from their front porch. That hill (mountain?) in front of them is amazing when the fall leaves are in full color. (click on the picture to enlarge it)

What's under this big sheet, Grammy?

It's a big wagon toy box that Grandpa made for me!

It opens/closes with a special hinges so it doesn't slam closed on little fingers.
Jon's dad is amazingly talented. He made Charlotte a beautiful toy box when she was 2 years old so he wanted to do the same for Evan. I'm so happy he did.

Charlotte got a sweet doll and a bag full of real baby clothes so she can dress "Anna". Charlotte's decided to take "Anna" into her class on Friday for Show & Tell.

We went out for lunch and ice cream one afternoon. Evan and Charlotte loved the rainbow vanilla.

Photography by Jon
On our way home from PA, Jon took my camera and started snapping from the van window. I was amazed at the gorgeous pictures he took. My new banner picture is one of my favorites that he took.

I'm not sure what that purple spot is... probably the reflection from the red camera but either way I thought it was pretty.

I am blown away by this one. I switched it from color to black & white. I can't stop looking at this picture.

I love the blue in this one.
I think I'll have to leave the nature photography up to Jon more often!