Frugal gift wrapping

    The other day the UPS truck pulled up and delivered a couple of packages to us. I don't know about you but that truck pulling up is always a fun sight! We recieved a giveaway that I had won over at Metropolitan Mama. The packing of the company that sent it rather amazed me, they used a box that was about 4 times as big as the stuff in it and they put the stuff on the bottom and then just stuffed the top with all the brown paper that you see above.

   When I saw all that perfectly good (though crumpled) paper I knew I would want to resuse it. So yesterday I took a little bit of time and ironed it all out and rolled it up. Now I have this:

A large roll of brown paper. I think this is fun to use for wrapping packages (I like to pair it up with pretty ribbon) and it also works great for craft projects. I doubt the business that sent the box realized how happy I would be with all the filler! :-)

   We were wrapping presents yesterday as it was my brother Luke's birthday and in the process I had fun coming up with another present wrapped in recycled materials. I thought it would be fun to share with you.

The kids and I made candy for him and I had a box that most of it fit in but the last 6 pieces I couldn't find anything for them to fit in. So I found a butter box that was empty. I put them in it but there was extra space and it looked rather cheesy. So....
I cut down in each corner almost to where the candy was and then turned each side into a triangular shape. (see picture) Then I found some recycled wrapping paper and cut it into an X shape (see photo) big enough to fit over the box. I then carefully taped the wrapping paper on, folding the edges down over the triangle.

Then I punched a hole in the top of each point and threaded a piece of ribbon through. Then you can pull the points together and tie it in a pretty little bow.

I think it ended up making an elegant little package. It was fun and easy to make too. And free, since I used recyled things, and free is always nice!

What is your favorite way to wrap things cheaply?
Here are other ideas for frugal and green gift wrapping.

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