Fun In The Snow

Bear with me this week. I have a LOT of great pictures from the Christmas holiday that I want to share this week. Consider yourself warned.... and by a lot of pictures, I mean an insane amount.

Here are the pictures from our trip to PA to visit Jon's family. They had a lot of snow. Fluffy, dry snow so we didn't make snowmen. Evan liked the snow this year much more then he liked it last year.
Charlotte and Jon tried to sled even though they pretty much just sank in the fluffy snow.

Evan had his turn too.

My snow angel.

The headband I made while stuck in traffic came in handy while playing in the snow.

Grammy even got a ride on the sled. A very, very slow ride.

Aunt Sue braved the cold to take pictures of everyone frolic.

Grammy and the Charlotte-myster.

Climbing the hill after sledding is such a bummer.

Grandpa pulled the kids on the sled.......

Then Charlotte tried to pull Grandpa on the sled... Grammy tried to help.

Grandpa took Charlotte sleding down the driveway. It worked a lot better since it had less snow on it.

Jon, who doesn't do anything the easy way, climbed up the huge wooded hill in the backyard and tried to sled down. I was grateful for our life insurance policy and the fact that they snow was too deep to sled fast.

Jon shows his love very exuberantly.

Grandpa took Evan to see his tractor in the garage but Evan was a bit scared of it.

This isn't Grandpa's tractor. The city is running a city sewer line on their road and left their equipment. I thought it made a fun background.

Jon's brother, Ken, throwing a snowball at someone.

Snowball fight!!

I love this picture of Charlotte. Look at the amazing amount of neatly stacked firewood in the background. They're all set to stay nice and warm this winter.