My Weekend Wish List

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot this weekend so I thought I'd keep track of my progress here. Jon will be gone most of the day today with his band students and it's too chilly outside to go out and play so the kids and I will be keeping busy with some household chores. Aren't I a fun mom?

1. Enlist the children's help to scrub fingerprints off of walls and door frames

2. Scrub the kitchen floor... possibly with the kids help.
I thought I'd share my "recipe" for an all purpose cleaner that works really well on walls, floors, etc. It's not exact because.... well, it doesn't have to be.
-A bucket 1/3 full with really hot water
-1-2 cups of vinegar
-2-3 drops of dish detergent
-a few drops of essential oil (optional... I used Lime)
I also use a Magic Eraser for walls and door frames but you have to be careful with how hard you scrub.

3. Have the kids dust the furniture,

4. Bake something delicious with Sous Chef Charlotte.

Charlotte was actually too busy playing house with Evan to help me so I made these delicious and easy cupcakes by myself.

Chocolate Cake topped with a double batch of the Quick Cocoa Glaze that I use on chocolate pound cake. I'll definitely be making these again!

5. Go on a date with Jon. (Thanks Nana and Grandpa for babysitting!)

6. Assemble my first knitted sweater (which will require that I learn to correctly pick up stitches)

I haven't finished pieces the sweater but I've made good progress. I've learned to pick up stitches and to knit in the round using double pointed needles. I'll hopefully be able to finish Evan's sweater while we watch more playoff football this evening.

7. Decorate my naked mantle with knitting accessories.

It's nothing fancy... I just put things on the mantle that I loved and already had around the house.
I filled some glass vases/jars with little balls of yarn leftover from knitting projects. I think it's pretty neat that each of those yarn balls represents one project I have completed. I wish I would have thought to do that for each project instead of just the few I have in the jars. I also put a few mismatched knitting needles in for height.

There are a few pictures of us when we went to Nags Head in May of '08.

Though it's pretty hard to see, in the center I have a glass canape tray that we got as a wedding gift. I've always loved it but have kept it in it's box in the back of a cabinet. I wanted be able to enjoy it so I'm crossing my fingers it'll be safe on the mantle.

8. Make my final decisions about the seeds I'll be ordering for this year's garden and make a sketch of where they'll be planted.

9. Take a hot bath while reading a good book.
**Wow, Omnivore's Dilemma... A MUST read!**

Well, that's all I can think of right now. It may not all get done but that's okay. ..that's why I called it a Wish list and not a To-Do list.

Well, looks like I got to most things this weekend. I'm going to work on my seed order a bit this week during naptimes. I'll take pictures of Evan in his new sweater as soon as I can get it sewn up.