The giving of Thanks from A- Z

  "When you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you." Deut. 8:10

The last month plus we have been having fun concentrating on the Alphabet at our house. (you can read more about it here) To go along with that in my morning prayer journal when I write a list of what I am thankful for, lately I have often thought of things I am thankful for the started with the letter of the day. I thought it would be fun to share some excerpts from my daily journal here today.

So here are some things that I am thanking God for from A-Z.....

A Aaron, Anna, Aprons, Apples and Airplanes.

B Blankets, Being Born again, Bananas, Beauty and Blueberries.

C Cookies, Colors, Cute Cousins, Comfort in You and Cleaning.

D Dresses,Dad, Dolls, Drums and Dessert.

E Evergreens, Elegance, Energy, E-mail and Ears.

F Forests, Fun, Fellowship, Faith and Following You.

G Grapefruit, Granola, Groceries, Grace and for You being my God.

H Home, Happiness, History, Hats, Hope and Health.

I Having an Interesting life, Ice cream and Insects.

J Jonathan, Joy, Jeans, Jam and Jelly and JESUS!

K Ken, Keren, Kisses, Kimchee and Kittens.

L Life, Love, Learning, Luke, Luann, Lilacs and Lilies.

M Marriage, Music, Muscles, My Mom, Martha, Mara and Megan.

N Newborns, Numbers, Normal days, Neatness, Nuts and Noodles.

O Oranges, Oatmeal, Orders coming on time, and Occasions.

P Pretty Purple flowers, Peter, People, Politeness and Playdough.

Q Quiet, Quickness, Quilts, Questions and Quartets.

R Reading, Riding, Roses, Rice, Red, Raspberries, Rivers and Running.

S Sunshines, Silliness (sometimes!), Smart kids, Sharyl and Serving.

T Tomatoes, Time, Tomorrows, Training, Tea, Terry and Tales.

U Ula, Umbrellas, Underwear, Understanding and Unity.

V Visits, Vacations, Vision, Velvet, Vegetables, Voting and Vanilla.

W Wisdom, Work, Water, Wild Rice, Waffles, Whipped Cream, Words and being a Wife.

X  Xylophone and X-rays (when needed).

Y Yellow, Yogurt, Yarn, Yesterday and Yearning in my heart for You.

Z Zeal, Zucchinni, Zest and Zebras in Zoos.

Numbers 211-350 in my 1,000 gifts.

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