The Last Christmas Catch-Up Post

So, let's see... we went to PA, got home, Santa came....

We had 3 days without anything to do.... so this is what I did.
Can't get much better then a flannel nightgown, a cat to snuggle with, great TV to watch, and the kids in bed for a nap.

My dad came for a visit with my Grandma. Evan loves his Lincoln Log fort.

My brother, Chris, came to visit with Denise. We won't call her his girlfriend because I'm not sure he does labels but either way they're really sweet together and we all love her.

And Evan was quite smitten with her too.

My mom got Charlotte a really cool crayon maker. You put old crayons in the machine and it pours them into new molds. The colors swirl and make really neat crayons.

My sister came to visit after my brother left and we got to work in the kitchen. We made homemade eclairs. They were pretty good but not good enough to post the recipes. I'll have to tweak them a bit first.
I made these pizza rolls stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. They should have risen a bit more but I think I partially killed the yeast by putting it in too warm of an oven to rise. They were delicious anyway and I'll definitely be making them again.

One evening Jon was sweet enough to offer to stay home with the kids so I could drive down to Lexington with Katie, David, Mom, and Mark to Cook's BBQ. What a treat it is to eat out without having to cut up food for little ones, keep them occupied, and rush to get home before bedtime.
Sorry about the funny picture, Katie. David is so good at making funny faces at the camera that this was as good as it got.
Cook's is this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant off the beaten path. It was about a 45 minute drive but it's so worth it. Everything they serve is delicious. The pulled pork BBQ was probably my favorite.

They even dressed up their .... animal.... for Christmas. What is this? An antelope? Crazy big deer?
My sister has better pictures of their visit on her blog. I kept forgetting to pick up my camera that week.
Now that I've caught up on Christmas, I have a few knitting projects I've finished that I'll tell you about soon.