Snow Day Update

We got some light snow through the morning then it started to sleet/freezing rain for a while. I measured 8" around 3:00 this afternoon. There's a crusty, icy layer on top of the really dry snow. We actually didn't go out to play in it today since it was sleeting most of the day. We'll go out tomorrow but it'll be a challenge to build a snowman with dry snow that is topped with a layer of ice.
We had a fun day inside where it was warm and cozy. Jon and the kids worked on puzzles at the dining room table.
They threw baseballs back and forth.... luckily soft baseballs.

Jon's outfit was so fabulous that I had to take a picture of it. I asked him to pose. Don't you love it?
I spent the whole day in the kitchen baking, baking, and more baking. I'll do a whole post about it tomorrow. Time to give the kids a bath and get them into bed.