A Scarf For Betty

I haven't knitted a scarf in quite a while. Scarves used to be the only thing I knew how to knit. From the time I learned to knit around age 9 until about 2 years ago, all I could knit were garter stitch scarves.

When I set out to make a Christmas gift for Jon's Aunt Betty (we got her name in a gift exchange), I wanted to make a special scarf. I wanted a pattern that was pretty and more challenging then a garter stitch.

This scarf is called "My So Called Scarf" and the pattern is found here. I used Vanna's Choice yarn and it took a whole skein. I don't remember the color of the yarn (I'm terrible about not saving the paper wrappers) but it's a rich french blue.
The scarf pattern was pretty easy once I figured it out and it came together pretty quickly. I hope she liked it.