We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program To Bring You This Special Weather Report

This was the radar on weather.com last night before I went to bed! Woohoo! I have never seen a radar this blue while living here.

Charlotte was so excited to look out at all the snow this morning. (Sorry for the dark picture.. it was 7am)

Evan went from room to room looking at all the snow. I love his hair sticking up.

This was the view of the backyard as of 8am this morning.

Just about 7 inches of snow overnight!! I'm a little sad that I was sleeping during most of the falling snow.... but I'm thrilled about 7 inches of snow!

Right now we have a bit of sleet like Jon told me it would.
Stay tuned to your local Blog station for up to the minute.... well, up to the hour... well, up to the day weather updates. Now we will return to your regularly scheduled programing.