Good evening Stockpot Fans! This is Becky's husband, Jon, guest blogging tonight about my trip with Charlotte to Skate World! Charlotte's Preschool rented out the local skating rink for the morning and we had a wonderful time...but it wasn't without suspense...drama...cake...and a happy ending!

Here we have Charlotte in roller skate pair #1, notice the look of terror in her eyes. This was Charlotte's first attempt at skating and the wheels on these skates were too fast for her. She could barely stand on her own and really didn't like skating at all.

A friendly passer-by took this picture of us while Charlotte struggled to stand. And now that I see it in real life, my Steeler shirt did not look good with my favorite pants, so sorry about that. Please do not hold Becky responsible for my poor fashion choices.

Now we have the second pair of skates, notice the cheery disposition! The wheels on these skates were much stiffer and Charlotte Loved to skate. Although she preferred to hang on to the rail she was quite at ease skating all by her self. At times I offered her a hand to hold and she said "No thank-you, I can do it myself!"

After some Videos games, and failed attempts to get a ball and stuffed animals out of the claw machine we sat down for some snacks! It was a fun morning and I hope the whole family can go to Skate World next time!
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