Did the title sound dramatic enough? You should see the local media frenzy surrounding our winter weather that is on the way. They're still forecasting 8-11" which to anyone up North would be just a regular ol' day..... here in the South, it's cause for panic, grocery store raiding, and super slow traffic.

I've been downright giddy today waiting for this storm. Getting ready only required a tarp. For what you ask? A Chihuahua who only stands about 8 inches tall. After the snow stops tomorrow, we can lift the tarp and reveal grass underneath that he can use to go to the bathroom. The tarp will be heavy but it's better then trying to get to the grass with a shovel.

I want to chronicle the snow by taking frequent pictures of this view of the backyard.
This picture was taken today at noon.

It's STARTED!!! This picture was taken at 5:30 this evening after it had been snowing for only about 20 minutes!
**Stay tuned to this blog station for the current updates on this major winter weather event**
I like impersonating news casters.
I'll be blogging a lot this weekend about snow and other topics that I've gotten behind on.