Knitting Weekend - Part 1 - The Fun

What a weekend! I had a great time knitting, learning to spin, spending time with my aunt and my sister, eating yummy food..... Can we do it again next weekend, gals?

On the way to my aunt's house I passed quite a few cotton fields. It looked like fluffy snow covered the fields. I wanted to stop and grab a piece but I chickened out.

This awesome, organized stash and spinning wheels belong to Joanne, my aunt's friend. She's a fantastic teacher and taught Katie and I how to use drop spindles and how to use a spinning wheel.

Joanne showing Katie how to use the drop spindle.

Once I got the hang of the drop spindle, I really loved it!

Here's the yarn that I made. Some of it was thick and some was super thin.

Joanne's spinning wheels were amazing! I would love to have a wheel one day. It would take a lot of practice but it was really fun.

Once Katie got the hang of the wheel, she was a wiz!

Katie brought Joanne a fleece from a neighbor's sheep. Maggie, the cat, thought she had died and gone to heaven. She rolled and rolled in it. She's so cute!

My aunt's pup, Hanny, kept us all entertained.

When she fell asleep later that night....

We first took a few pictures of her funny poses.....

Then we broke out the yarn and more yarn and more yarn and more yarn!!

My aunt and one of her friends, Debbie, gave us an unbelievable amount of gorgeous yarn! I can't believe how generous they were. I'm going to do a separate post on the yarn tomorrow but this is an overhead view of Katie and I surrounded by the bags of yarn we took home. (And Hanny passed out beside me)

Yesterday we went to a knitting group and met a few more friends of my aunts.

They were all very nice and welcomed us newbies.
Now I get to go take pictures of all the wonderful yarn I was given. I just might roll in it! LOL