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tax credit: what will change in 2010.

To mark the passing of the supplementary budget for 2009, the National Assembly passed an amendment to amend the Tax Credit system. These last-minute information are subject to change in the Finance Act 2010 amendment will be validated in January 2010.

Further work towards energy conservation and renewable energy tax credit will benefit in other cases it may be amended or deleted.

The main changes concern:
• Condensing boilers: rate of the tax credit will increase from 25 to 15%
• pumps Heat Actuated remain subsidized up to 25%, geothermal PACs will be up to 40%. In the latter case, the tax credit will apply on the cost of equipment and also the cost of installation including underground interchanges. •
water heaters thermodynamic will be subsidized up to 40%.
• Replacing a wood boiler by another will be subsidized up to 25 or 40% depending on the case. The regulations

and solar installations will continue to be subsidized as last year ie respectively 25% and 50%.