Inexpensive Gift Idea #3 - Cookies with an Ornament

I created this post about a week before Christmas and had hopes of being able to post it while we were in PA visiting family. After our adventure getting there, needless to say, it didn't get posted on time. So here's a late, late gift idea.

Each year we give little presents to the mailman, the preschool teachers & director, and neighbors. This year I decided to make cookies and we attached matching ornaments for Charlotte's teachers. The other ornaments were wrapped for Charlotte to give to relatives.

Step #1 - Making the Cookies

I made shortbread cookies using Ina Garten's recipe. I love shortbread cookies and this recipe is fantastic. I'm glad I gave most of these away since I found them hard to resist.

I found a 3 pack of snowflake cookie cutters at Walmart for under $2.

Shortbread Cookie Recipe

I sprinkled powdered sugar on the cooled cookies.

I wrapped them in celophane bags and tied them with silver and blue ribbons.

Step #2 - Making the Ornaments

Charlotte and I made salt dough for the snowflake ornaments. The dough was easy to handle. Charlotte had no trouble cutting out her snowflakes.

After the ornaments were baked and cooled, Charlotte painted them with glue and gave them a heavy coating of glitter.

We made sure to make a hole in the ornaments before baking them so we could tie a ribbon through the snowflakes for hanging.