The Weather Outside Is Going To Be Frightful!

And I couldn't be happier!! We're in the path of a winter storm and they're calling for 8-10 inches as of this morning. It'll start snowing tonight and continue through tomorrow night. I'm so glad most of the snow will fall tomorrow because I love seeing it fall. When I wake up to snow, I feel like I've missed the best part. We don't get much snow in North Carolina so seeing it fall is special.

Yesterday's high was about 60 degrees. We played outside and soaked in the sun. Tomorrow's high isn't supposed to reach 30 degrees! Quite a change in 48 hours. I love living here though because we get the best of both worlds. We get a mostly mild winter with an occasional bit of snow. It never sticks around long enough to get gray and yucky from salt.

I went out to the garden yesterday and pulled some carrots and parsnips before the ground freezes again. I'll post pictures of those later.

Until then I'll be checking as often as possible and jumping up and down as I see the storm getting closer!