Knitting Weekend - Part 2 - The Yarn!

The yarn... oh the yarn!! Between my Aunt Linda and one of her very generous friends, this is the yarn I took home with me.
They both have amazing yarn stashes and sorted out yarn (and books) that they no longer wanted. My sister and I got to pick what we wanted from their "discard" piles.

I was blown away by their generosity. This is enough yarn to allow me to knit whatever my heart desires. The yarn is a wonderful mix of wools, cottons, alpaca, blends, and even silk! There is yarn of every weight. I took close-up pictures of a couple of my favorites but it was hard to pick since I think they're ALL my favorites!

Several of the yarns I chose were from a company called "The Purled Llama Co.". They hand dye their yarn. I loved this color.

This is a bulky Noro yarn. I love the bright colors.

This hand dyed yarn was the first yarn to catch my eye.

Here's another "Purled Llama" yarn but it's lace weight this time. I've never worked with lace weight but I'm excited to try.

This yarn is a beautiful blend of browns with flecks of bright colors.

This Lorna's Lace sock yarn is so soft!

I loved the cream/brown combo of this bulky Cascade wool.

Cascade has this really neat yarn that has stretch to it (on the left). I'm planning to make slipper socks from it.

Suede yarn! Can't wait to work with that.

I can't get over these colors!
My Aunt also gave me two sweaters that she knitted as samples for the yarn shop that she used to work for. I love the sweaters and can't wait to wear them.
I need some help figuring out what color of long sleeved t-shirts to wear under them. Can you please help? Walmart has long sleeved t-shirts in black, white, grey, light blue, lime green, and deep purple (I could be making that one up...I'm trying to picture the rack). Would any of these colors work with these sweaters?
This one is made from an amazingly soft Baby Grande Alpaca yarn in such a pretty shade of purple. It's more on the pink side of purple instead of blue.

I love this warm brown sweater. My aunt knit it with a double strand of.... Aunt Linda, can you tell me again what yarn you used? All the yarn names are swimming in my head and I can't remember now what you told me.
There's only one problem with all of this beautiful yarn..... it's all I can seem to think about! I forced myself to do laundry, dishes, and other household chores today but you know what I really wanted to be doing? Yep, I was wishing the whole time that I could be planning or working on my next knitting project!
What was that? Did you hear that? Gotta go, my yarn is calling me....

My sister took some great pictures from our weekend also. Here's her post about it.